Usually when it’s Friday and your sweatpants are on, that’s pretty much the end of your night.  But not this Friday night!  Mike came home and announced that he had acquired tickets to Aladdin on Broadway and to put on a bra and pants with a button and zipper.  We zoomed into the city and, because we had time to spare, we got to swing by Shmackary’s for cookies to sneak into the show.  I went with Funfetti (which actually kind of tasted like Berry Kix) and Mike went with classic chocolate chip because he is a classic kind of guy.IMG_2344

The show was amazing; it was such a spectacle with so many costumes and magic tricks.  The Genie truly stole the show during “Never Had A Friend Like Me.”  He had won the Tony award for Best Genie so it was thrilling to get to see him still in that role.  Just as thrilling was the fact that the actor who played Jafar was the same fellow who was the voice of Jafar in the movie!  It was insane to see a human person with that voice coming out of his mouth.IMG_2346

I would say, though, that one of the best parts of the night was on the subway when Mike revealed to me that he had no idea what occurred in the movie.  I made him tell me while I transcribed it:

“He’s a slave and sees this girl that he really likes in the kingdom.  One day, scavenging through the desert, he comes across a lamp and the genie gives him wishes.  I forgot what the wishes were but one of them, I imagine, is become a prince.  It leads to an evil leader of another kingdom being mad at him and starting a war of some sort but it never builds up to a war.  He gets the girl but there’s Abu, his monkey, who doesn’t get along with the parrot.  I actually think the parrot is bad.  And the parrot exposes them as to who they actually are.  And that somehow tumbles into a sad story for him but it works out and the bad guy gets taken away and he gets the girl in the end.  And I assume one of the wishes is for a flying carpet because it’s a whole new world.”

So needless to say, Aladdin was a very surprising and magical night for him.IMG_2341


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