The Dog Park

FullSizeRender_2After being bored all day on Saturday, we decided Leonard deserved a special day in the dog park.  The one we go to in Sunnyside has a fence between the big and small dog parks.  This is heaven for Leonard since he usually cowers under the bench when the big dogs get feisty.  Not today, though!

IMG_2372Leonard was rejoicing with the wind in his ears.  My favorite part about seeing him play is that he always takes refuge at the water bowl.  Whenever he gets tired or overwhelmed, he runs over to take a drink as if to say “hold on, hold on guys – I’m really thirsty and you gotta give me a break.”  But then he gets right back to it.

These are my two favorite pictures of the day – when he is doing is bunny scoot all over town and when he doesn’t know what to do because these dogs are hugging and he is ridin’ solo.

After the dog park we delighted in Batman vs. Superman sundaes from Coldstone.  Except we got Superman and Wonderwoman because we are married and so are they.  Or are they? I have never read a comic book.


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