BYOB Pizza


Isn’t it insane that when you’re 23 and you live in New York City you could go out to BYOB dinner on every single Tuesday night and you could still go to work for all of the rest of the days of the week and do a good job and not even necessarily need an egg and cheese on an everything bagel?  And it’s all because you’re only 23 and you’re somehow living on power that you have when all your friends live in Manhattan and you have no furniture.

Now we’re 27 and living in Queens and Hoboken and Brooklyn and we only go into Manhattan for work or when we want cookies from Levain Bakery.  It was a pretty big deal that all the best people got together on Friday night to have dinner at Dozzino in Hoboken. Dozzino feels like the most badass restaurant because all they make is 8 types of pizza and THAT’S IT and they do it right.  And there’s bocce in the back.  Also there are parmesan donuts.  So we drank all the wine and ate all the pizza and celebrated new jobs and the fact that we’re still young enough to be cool and hang out but old enough to have couches and even pets.


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