Brunch at The Barn


On Sunday afternoon we had brunch at The Barn in Astoria.  It was really lunch based on the timing and the fact that I had pierogies but when it’s food on a weekend in New York, it’s always brunch.  Although I love pierogies and cannot get enough of them when they are good, I would probably never go back to this place because the service was not great.  The fries that came with Mike’s burger were salted like they grew in the Dead Sea and we couldn’t get more water to save our lives.  So it was a disappointing day date even though the restaurant was pretty cute and fun.

Luckily we made up for it after by getting Cadbury mini eggs and watching an X-Men movie marathon.  I don’t think there’s anyone alive more excited than me for X-Men: APOCALYPSE to come out. I talk about it more than is appropriate.  And, since we’re talking about being excited to watch things, I’d also like to point out that April happens this week and April is Game of Thrones month!  It comes back on Mike’s birthday but it’s really a present from HBO to me.


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