Yankees Opening Day!


Tuesday was a special day because, after a very rainy Monday, Yankees Opening Day was rescheduled and we went!  The photos make it look like it was a sunny day but the truth was that it was 35 degrees and I wore two pairs of pants, two shirts, and my winter coat plus a hat I had to buy once we got there.  It was worth it though because of the hot dogs.  And the baseball.


We started with a tour of Monument Park which I had never seen before.  Mike tried to convince me that all of the retired Yankees are buried under Yankee Stadium and all the games are played on them.  I didn’t really believe him but had a lot of questions like where are their families and is it weird that Yankee Stadium is haunted?  We also had a tour of the museum which I did not particularly enjoy.  The best part was putting my name on the locker and climbing in which Mike did not particularly enjoy.


Even though the Yankees lost, we had a great time and I can’t wait for it to be spring baseball season and to sit in the bleachers with a cap full of ice cream.


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