A Visit To Maine


Since I’m from Maine, that’s where my best friend lives.  It’s hard to be so far apart from someone who, though not biologically related, is my heart and soul sister.  But it means that every time we get to see each other, we have an extra special time.  It’s also special because Elizabeth has the cutest babies on earth and they are my nephew and niece.  Parker is at a deliciously fun age.  He is obsessed with fire trucks and drives every toy around saying “wee ooh wee ooh wee ooh!”  It’s adorable because it’s the word he says when he’s playing but it’s also what he says when he’s sad in order to comfort himself.  So it comes out in a very dejected and inconsolable way which is also precious.

We went to the beach so Parker could dig a big hole and because Lennon looks like a tiny pink starfish in her winter snowsuit.  We also went to Yoga and a Barre class and let Parker make gallons of mischief on Snapchat.  I think Snapchat is trying to reach the wrong market; the best thing about little babies on Snapchat is that they think every different filter you apply is actually changing their face!  Parker was trying to touch his little puppy ears that Snapchat gave him and I was doubled over with laughter.

I also made a little video because it’s good to practice and because Elizabeth is a mama and she needs home movies!  The song is Dance in the Graveyards by Delta Rae and we had dance parties to the kitchen to it so it’s one of my favorite songs right now.


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