Life Lately


Well it’s been a bit crazy in these parts which means that life has been good!  The above picture was taken in the East Village on our way to eat fondue with our newly engaged friends Sarah and Rajeev.  We ate the fondue in their apartment because fondue is fantastically easy to make.  All you have to do is pour wine and the right combination of cheeses into a fondue pot and BAM.  The hard part is deciding what to dip in it.  Just kidding – the answer is EVERYTHING.

Over the weekend, Mike’s aunt, uncle, and 3 little cousins came to visit us in the city.  It’s always a wild ride with those little girls but it’s worth it because they are cute and fun and make games out of subway surfing.  We visited the Museum of Natural History, the American Girl Doll store, got cookies at Levain Bakery, and had a whole days worth of meals at Carmine’s.  I also made a little video of the day which isn’t the best but also isn’t the worst.

And I got this photo of my little munchkin flower girl eating a muffin.IMG_4270

Leonard also got groomed so he is in his peak and ultimate prime of cuteness.  He’s like the sun – I can’t look at him for too long without being completely blinded from his cute perfection.



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