Mike’s Birthday


We celebrated Mike’s 28th birthday this weekend by doing a million different activities. We saw the pin-striped Yankees on Saturday as they played against the Tampa Bay Rays.  The sun was shining and it was Babe Ruth bobblehead day so that would have been enough.  Luckily, it got even better when, after the most boring game available, Brett Gardner hit a walk-off home run and the Yankees won.  It was unexpected and oh-so-exciting.  We followed the game up with a trip to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria to join birthday forces with another friend, Emily.  Beer and kielbasa (which was spelled “klobasa” on the menu – have I been spelling it wrong the whole time?!) were consumed and jenga towers were knocked down.  It was a happy 28th.


The next morning we had a feast at Queens Comfort which included the above strawberry donut with strawberry frosting and fruity pebbles.  We took a nap to recover and thank goodness we did because Game of Thrones was back that very night!

Why is Game of Thrones so good?  How can it be so full of twist, turns, and bad-assery? Nearly all of my favorite characters have been killed but after last night I’m thinking it’s Brienne of Tarth who should be the ruler of the 7 kingdoms.


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