Book Club – Among the Missing

I have always wanted to be a part of a book club that was really about books and not just about wine.  A few friends decided we’d start one up and our first book was Among The Missing by Morag Joss.  I did not particularly enjoy this book – it felt slow moving and didn’t seem to culminate into anything.  There were 3 characters that, I felt, started developing in an interesting way.  Each character’s chapters were written in a different POV which, I thought, indicated something about their identity to the reader.  In the end, though, the characters just went NO WHERE.  That was the worst to deal with.  Each of them ended up feeling too passive or like too much of a dope.

However, I loved discussing this particular book with similarly minded friends because that gave me more closure than the book itself.  Having the chance to talk through why exactly we didn’t like the book and the characters made it feel like I didn’t read a pointless book for nothing.

Here’s to the next one and hopefully a better book!


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