A Little Weekend Mischief

The aftermath

My goal for the weekend was to sleep all day for both of the days and I executed that successfully with only a slight hiccup.

The first thing you have to know about this weekend is that Mike was extremely athletic.  He had a softball game on Saturday and a Spartan race on Sunday.  The second think you need to know is that Mike lays all of his race supplies out on a chair the day before a race.  We’re talking about shoes, bandages, energy goos – the whole thing.  The third thing you have to know is that Mike’s preferred post-race snack is a frozen, tooth-cracking Snickers bar.

So on Saturday, while Mike played softball, Leonard and I napped.  I napped on the couch dreaming of Manderley (since I have been re-reading Rebecca) and Leonard napped on the chair on top of all of Mike’s clothes dreaming of snacks.  But I was actually wrong about that because, while I napped, Leonard rooted around in Mike’s bag and found the Snickers bar that Mike had not put in the freezer.  He opened it, ate it, and put the empty wrapper back in the bag!  I slept through the entire incident, waking up only once to the sound of a crinkling plastic bag.  I shot up because I thought the candle was exploding and saw Leonard looking up at me on high alert.  I shook my head at him and went back to sleep. Lo and behold, he was eating that candy bar!

When I realized the mischief had been made, I frantically Googled what a toxic amount of chocolate is to a dog before realizing that there’s barely any chocolate in a Snickers bar and that it actually didn’t matter anyway because my dog is a garbage disposal whose digestive system didn’t even bat an eye at this interruption to its usual schedule.

Oh Leonard, I love you and your genius and adorable mayhem.


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