A few weeks ago we had the excuse to take a trip to Rome for Chiara and Ryan’s wedding.  I had never been before and made the most detailed itinerary that had activities planned down to the minute and even metro and bus routes mapped out.  I was so proud to only take one taxi ride that was a total rip off.

We were only in Rome for 3 days before the wedding and the second leg of our trip (to follow!) but we managed to pack in visits to almost everywhere you could imagine.  Visiting the Roman Forum was at the top of my favorites list because I cannot resist archaeological ruins that have an ancient story to them.  And it was so interesting to be on the opposite side of history and learn about the Roman emperors needing to run off to Jerusalem to “take care of a rebellion.”  I’ve always learned those bits of history while in Israel!

Another highlight was visiting the Trevi Fountain on a day that was as hot as a melting pot.  Walking down the steps to the fountain was like walking into an air conditioned haven.  And we threw coins in because we are tourists.

The food was as good as I expected, which is to say that we ate our faces off every single day.  Somehow, it still wasn’t enough cacio e pepe, though.

I made a little video to capture all the greatest moments.  It was unbelievable to be across the ocean in Europe with all of our friends.  It feels like we’re living a reality TV show extravagant life without having to embarrass ourselves on national television.


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