July 4th in Charlottesville


We spent the 4th of July weekend (plus a few extra days) down in Charlottesville, VA visiting my great Mom and Dad.  It is a pretty cute city and there are some things to do, although we spent most of the time sitting on their beautiful porch picking tomatoes off the vine and eating them.  Also Mike ran a spontaneous 5k in Staunton called the Firecracker 5k and he won!  Just kidding, he only ran it.

A mother/daughter selfie for the ages

When we weren’t eating, we took a trip to the Grand Caverns which were just a short drive from my parents’ house.  I could not stop taking pictures of this place.  I was expecting to never see grottos cooler than Neptune’s Grottos in Sardegna but these topped them.  It took us over an hour just to walk through them.

This was my favorite part – I couldn’t stop taking pictures even though my amateur skills made them all look just the same.

Isn’t it mind boggling that places like this can exist?  It takes 100 years to form just a tiny square inch of stalactite so these caverns really give you perspective on how old this earth is.  High five for remembering that there’s always more to see whenever you’re feeling bored.

Also, speaking of exploring, I am not on the Pokemon Go train.  First of all, not interested in seeing the world through my phone.  Second of all, until they are holograms popping up on the street I won’t care.

That’s all!


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